You can use {9} to query all open tickets grouped by component.

Component descriptions

  • unspecified: Unknown or unclear which component it belongs to, or integration task that spans multiple components. (open tickets)
  • project: Project-related tasks: documentation enhancements, project organisation, presentations, etc. (open tickets)
  • controller: Everything related to input device controllers and driving agent controllers. (open tickets)
  • hal: Everything related to the integration of hardware technologies (controlling connected Carrera slot car tracks). (open tickets)
  • racelogic: Everything related to running a race, including the TDA. (open tickets)
  • track: Everything related to defining and reading tiles and lanes, loading and saving tracks and also drawing the track (TrackWidget). (open tickets)
  • ui: Everything related to the RCP GUI, excluding drawing the track and the cars. (open tickets)
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