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JaCaVi is a slot car control and visualization application.

Various Connectors allow connecting the application to different slot car control systems. Using Feedback Connectors, it can also receive sensor data from the slot car system. After defining the Tiles (the basic building blocks of slot car tracks) of a certain Tileset (slot car system tiles vary in size, number of lanes, etc.), the integrated Track Designer can be used to create Tracks. You can then use various Input Devices (keyboard, mouse, game controllers, Wiimotes) to control the slot cars. At the same time, the Track Data Approximator tries to determine the current position of each car using data from the Feedback Connectors and Input Devices to visualize it on the screen.

The JaCaVi Team


JaCaVi was developed between the summer and winter semester 2008 at the HTWG Konstanz within the scope of a team project course.


Latest version: 1.0.1 (build 578)

Windows (x86): JaCaVi_win32-win32-x86_v1.0.1_r578.exe
Linux (gtk, x86): JaCaVi_linux-gtk-x86_v1.0.1_r578.tgz
MacOS X (carbon, x86): JaCaVi_macosx-carbon-x86_v1.0.1_r578.tgz (fails to launch, see #177)

This version has been built from the tag 'release_1.0.1'.


JaCaVi is licensed under the Eclipse Public License 1.0, an OSI-approved open source license.


The source code repository is available at GitHub:, or it can be browsed using the Trac source code browser.

Some more development documentation is available under DevelopmentInfo.

Tool documentation

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