HAL code design

This is a listing and description of the HAL design JaCaVi is using to give control information to and get sensor information from the hardware.

package de.jacavi.hal

opportunity to manage SlotCarSystemConnector? instances. An instance lets you control one (technology) specific car and get its feedback.

(0-15 lib42; 0-255 bluerider; 0-? analogue) we have to adjust the signal before we give it to the hardware or get it from the hardware. This is what the SlotCarSpeedAdjuster? does.

package de.jacavi.hal.lib42

  • NativeLib42 Singelton jni interface to access the underlying c library (Clib42) for 42 digital car control support
  • NativeCsdLib? Singelton jni interface to access the underlying c library (CsdLib?) fro 42 digital car sensor detection
  • Lib42DriveConnector lib42 specified interface extends from SlotCarSystemDriveConnector?
  • Lib42FeedbackConnector lib42 specified interface extends from SlotCarFeedbackConnector?
  • Lib42DriveConnectorAdapter implements Lib42Drive Connector. The car connector for one car (specified by a carID) to control a car on the digital course.

Maps conrol functionality on NativeLib42 instance

  • Lib42FeedbackConnectorAdapter implements Lib42FeedbackConnector. Gets and holds the feedback from one digital car (specified by a carID).

A Lib42FeedbackConnectorAdapter must be subscribed to the Lib42FeedbackManager to get its feedback from NativeCsdLib?.

  • Lib42FeedbackManager Distributes digital sensor feedback to the subscribed Lib43FeedbackConnectorAdapters. Every subscribed Adapter will only get his

feedback specified by carID.

42 c projects

  • Clib42

This shared library supports to control the digital carrera course (hardware) over the 42 Blackbox. To control the hardware it's accessing /dev/ttyS1 serial device. -> minicom must be started on /dev/ttyS1 to activate the serial interface. Jacavi is using this library by native calls.

This library is also part of Clib42. It supports the sensor detection on the digital carrera course over the 42 Blackbox. In feasibility study of the 42 protocol group it was more efficient to integrate both, drive control and sensor detection, in one library. Now the design of jacavi uses a more modular concept so we decided to have an extra shared library to achieve the jacavi sensordetection interface. It uses /dev/ttyS0 serial interface witch has to be started before use with minicom.

package de.jacavi.hal.bluerider

package de.jacavi.hal.analogue

package de.jacavi.hal.simulation

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